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A preview of spooky things to come. <3
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how the fuck am i supposed to make life decisions i’m not even sure i want to be alive

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Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess
fromwastelands said: Hey, about the GHTG instrumentals, if you download Audacity and Google 'strip vocals audacity' then the howtogeek article has a tutorial on how to do it. Results can vary, especially with acoustic songs, but sometimes it turns out okay. Could be worth a shot? xx

Then I was like:

Sounds like a plan. I’ll give it a try. :)

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Hannah Murray as Cassie in God Help The Girl
God Help The Girl Instrumentals

Hello Tumblr world. I need a huge favor. I’d love to sing one of the songs from the God Help the Girl movie for a recital but I need an instrumental or Karaoke version. I can’t find anything on youtube as of yet, and I need to start practicing. So does anyone know how to make instrumentals from mp3s? I could email you the music. Or if anyone already has it could they email it to me? Message me please for more details or if you can help. ThanKs :)


Golden Rabbit coordinate from yesterday’s meetupAlice and the Pirates- Vest, corsage, boots, hatAlgonquins- ShortsAtelier Boz- Blouse, jabotBaby the Stars Shine Bright- Socks, wristcuffsTearsheaven- Ring

Claudia, the Fairy Tale Princess
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